What Olive Plants Parents Have to Say

Janice has done an excellent job with our children in her science class this year.  Labs are expensive and require special materials and equipment to do at home and she has made them fun and hassle free for us.  She has a graceful disposition and is always encouraging the kids.  —Amy Parnell

The curriculum Dawn has been teaching this year challenges my son without being so hard that he can’t master it. In the end with Dawn’s support and obvious love for teaching, he is prouder and his self-esteem has greatly increased.   –Kandy Woody

Mrs. Chloe has been a tremendous blessing to our family.  She has such a kind spirit and is an excellent teacher.  I love the way she uses different avenues of getting the children to learn and think about the books they read. She has been exactly what AnnaKate needed.  We thank God for Mrs. Chloe! –Tish Thomas

I have had three children enrolled in Amy Camp’s classes over the course of the past 8 years. Among them they have taken every class she offers from Pre-algebra to Pre-Cal/Trig. After finishing her classes my oldest son was able to CLEP out of College Algebra, receiving 3 college credits. He has found himself very well prepared for the college math classes he needed for his business degree. He also did some SAT and ACT math preparation with Amy and after that tutoring he was able to raise his math scores on both tests.
Amy is an excellent teacher and although each of my kids has a different learning style they have all responded so well to her methods of instruction. None of them would consider themselves to be natural at math yet they have all been successful in her classes as well as on nationally standardized tests.
When questions do arise, Amy has been very available to help. I can relax, knowing my kids are getting high quality, college preparatory instruction from a kind and knowledgeable teacher. –Molly Evert

My boys have loved having Mrs. Fields as their tutor this year! She uses fun games and real world applications to help the students learn and master math concepts. Her one-on-one tutoring during class has helped my boys gain confidence in math. –Michelle Gilliland

If I could take a snapshot of the beginning of the year, to the end of this year, no one would believe me. My student went from having trauma at spelling any word on a piece of paper, to writing and editing a book report!  Mrs Hurtado saw such potential in each of her students and gave them the passion to learn. I didn’t even know my child had that in him! She encourages hard work but never over burdens, and the students take pride in those results.  Life has already prepared Mrs. Hurtado with an amazing amount of patience and knowledge to deal with those kids who don’t learn the typical way.  She uses that experience in her class every week.
I constantly hear from my students messages of confidence in their abilities, and that originated from their teacher.  Her “You can do this!” attitude is contagious, and I just so appreciate it! –Janice Bryan

I have loved having having a Grammar and Spelling class for my children. Each child is given specific directions based on development, and the accountability as a parent has been an enormous blessing for me. I’m the kind of parent that thrives on direction, and the curriculum used for these classes have been amazing. Mrs. Hurtado is an amazing tutor for my child, and also, a great mentor for me! Her years of home schooling experience has been extremely helpful for me and my young children. –Michelle Gilliland

What OP Students Think

I think Mrs. Chloe is sweet. Her Literature class is very fun and interesting.  I wish she could be one of my teachers every year. –AnnaKate Thomas, Grove Student

I have been a student of Mrs. Amy’s for the past three years and have benefitted from her kindness, her knowledge, and her teaching abilities. Her lessons are challenging, but her explanations simplify the material in a way that I can easily understand the concepts. My SAT math scores are a direct result of her excellent teaching methods. Any level math student would benefit from spending time in one of Mrs. Amy’s math classes! –John Reed Batchelor, Arboretum Student

Mrs. Mary teaches well and helps us learn math. She used a tape measure to help me learn the 12s time table.  I like Mrs. Mary! She makes math fun. —Addy Smith, Greenhouse Student

Mrs. Mary helps us learn math. She’s the best teacher!–Cayde Love, Greenhouse Student

She’s (Mrs. Hurtado) a really nice teacher. Her classes are neat. We’ve learned about verbs, nouns, and sentences. One time we had prizes and played games. We used a nerf gun and played bowling.– Benjamin Gilliland, Greenhouse Student

Mrs. Janice is a kind and helpful tutor. Chemistry labs are fun and help me to understand the content. She has also gone above and beyond by finding me a  program for my computer that allows me to do the calculations in a way that works for my learning style.– Brian Hays, Arboretum Student

I have been a student of Mrs. Dawn since eighth grade and I am now a sophomore in high school. I have absolutely loved being in her class and look forward to continuing my high school education with her. Mrs. Dawn is the reason I have fallen in love with literature. After beginning class with Mrs. Dawn, grammar became much more understandable and enjoyable. She showed me how all of the classic stories I had been reading for years had more symbolism and layers than I ever would have thought. I recently began assisting her with her younger English classes and I have seen the impact she is making on all of their lives as well; she has an individual relationship with every child and makes them feel important. She is an excellent tutor and I am extremely thankful for her and the impact she has had on my life. — Harlee Sims, Arboretum Student

I like how the tutors are organized and prepared for class. The tutors are also good at explaining things in fun ways so I can understand it better. Chick-fil-a lunches are wonderful, and I appreciate Mrs. Christy providing that once per month. Olive Plants is also a wonderful place to be social. –Carolyn Hurtado, Arboretum Student

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