Our Mission

Sowing Knowledge, Growing in Grace, Reaping Wisdom

At all levels, our program should sow knowledge:

  • Excellent curriculum
  • Engaging lessons
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Community-wide theme

Our tutors should be growing in grace and promote Christian growth:

  • Pray without ceasing
  • Share the Scriptures
  • Create a healthy, safe classroom environment (balance of justice and grace)
  • Encourage students to “work as unto the Lord” and to consider their current and future vocations
  • Encourage students to love their neighbors as themselves

Our prayer for the OP Community is that we will reap wisdom:

  • Handle conflicts biblically and wisely
  • Curtail gossip
  • Support and promote wise parenting
  • Hire and promote those who demonstrate wise and careful living
  • Seek wisdom from the Bible, the only source of true wisdom
  • Constantly point our young ones to The LORD– the only One who is holy and wise
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