Arboretum Course Descriptions, Book Lists, and Tuition Rates

Tuition = $250/semester per course

Each course may be paid in 10 equal installments of $50.

Algebra 1: This course covers a complete high school credit in Algebra 1.

Book needed

Glencoe Algebra 1, 2001 Ed, ISBN: 0-07-822894-8

*12 copies are available to rent directly from the tutor. Contact Mrs. Amy for more info.

Tutor: Mrs. Amy Camp

 physsciclipart Physical Science: This course is an advanced 8th grade science or can count as 1 credit of high school lab science. Students are introduced to basic chemistry and physics concepts. Labs included.

Lab fee required in addition to tuition.

Book needed:

This book may be checked out from the co-op for free!

Tutor: Mrs. Janice Bryan

 Philosophy: Understanding the Times

This course examines the six most prominent worldviews influencing the world today and it shows how their influence manifests in the key academic disciplines operating in America’s institutions of higher learning today. Please watch the video HERE for more about this course.

This course provides one credit in philosophy as a high school elective or one credit in religion for a high school social studies credit.

This course may be dual-enrolled through Bryan College. Please visit the Understanding the Times website for more information.

Book needed:

This course requires a fee for a digital addition and student license. Please contact Jason directly for more information.

Print copies of the book are not required, but can be purchased. The co-op will provide a few copies available for checkout.

Tutor: Mr. Jason Bennet

 algebra-2  Algebra 2: This course covers all the content required for a full high school credit in Algebra 2.

Book Needed

Glencoe Algebra 2, 1998 Ed, ISBN: 0-02-825178-4

10 copies of this book are available to rent from the tutor. Contact Mrs. Amy directly for more info.

Tutor: Mrs. Amy Camp

 Precalculus: This course will cover the content required for a full high school credit in Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus.

Book Needed

Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts: Precalculus with Applications, 2001 Ed, ISBN: 0-02-834175-9 (link for purchase currently unavailable)

13 copies of this book are available to rent directly from the tutor. Please contact Mrs. Amy directly for more info.

Tutor: Mrs. Amy Camp



Around the World in 180 Days, 2nd edition, is a geography and history program covering the history, geography, and culture of every continent. And yet this is not a textbook. It’s a series of questions that the student must research in order to answer. Plenty of resources are suggested to help students conduct their research, and the teacher’s edition provides all the answers.  Coach V will lead students in their research for a 1/2 credit in Social Studies.

Book Needed

Around the World in 180 Days, Student Notebook

Tutor: Mrs. Kelly VanLaarhoven


This course provides a half high school credit in Health and will cover topics related to nutrition, exercise, and the systems of the body.

(NOTE: This course will cover– with sensitivity– the subject of human reproduction.)

Book Needed:

Total Health

Tutor: Kelly VanLaarhoven

 nfs12thnight Brit lit has played an important part in today’s world. Not only has it been the mostly influential cornerstone of modern literature; it has also aided in shaping what freedom, equality, and many other important ideals mean to us. In Brit Lit, we will analyze Beowulf, Paradise Lost, Pride and Prejudice, Tale of Two Cities, Wuthering Heights, and To the Lighthouse. We will also explore the reach of influence each book extends, and compare the messages each book speaks with our ultimate truth (the Bible).

During the 2nd semester, British Lit students will focus on the major works of William Shakespeare. A blended approach from the AP Classroom and the Folger Shakespeare Library will be used.

Books needed:

First Semester:

Beowulf (please buy the edition at the link)

Paradise Lost (please buy the edition at the link)

Pride and Prejudice (any printing)

A Tale of Two Cities (any printing)

Wuthering Heights (any printing)

To the Lighthouse (any printing)

Second Semester:

No Fear Shakespeare Editions of each of the following plays: Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth, Julius Caesar.


First Semester: Chloe Rensenhouse

Second Semester: Dawn Hays

Advanced Composition and Grammar

In this course, students will refine their essay writing abilities and produce at least one term paper. They will also complete the 2nd season of Analytical Grammar. This course counts as one half high school English credit.

Books needed

The Elegant Essay and Analytical Grammar Student Book (If you were in Mrs. Dawn’s class last year and already have a copy of Analytical Grammar with Season 2 empty, you do NOT need to purchase another copy.)

Tutor: Mrs. Dawn Hays

 jouurnalistic-writing  Journalism

This course will offer your student an introduction to the profession of journalism and will ask them to think about the ethics and legalities of the profession as a whole. All aspects of journalism will be discussed, and examples will be provided to help your student understand such concepts as grammar, punctuation, and note taking. They will use the tools of the trade such as the inverted pyramid. Students will learn what is newsworthy and what is not. In addition, we will be touching on modern aspects of journalism that include social media, broadcast journalism, blogging, and investigative journalism.

Your student will be asked to read and watch the news and present possible story ideas in front of the class weekly. We will work both collaboratively and independently to develop leads, story ideas, and articles that will ultimately be distributed in the co-op newsletter.


Books Needed:

The Associated Press Stylebook and Media Law Briefing 2015

Journalistic Writing: Building the Skills, Honing the Craft; by Robert M. Knight

Tutor: Cassi Wisener

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