November: A Month in Review

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Wow. Weren’t we just getting fresh haircuts and collecting school supplies for the beginning of a new school year? Somehow August, September and October have ended and we are now wrapping up November and our first semester! It’s been a busy first semester, but so very successful. Keep reading to see everything that happened in November alone!

General Olive Plants News: 

Between opening the OP Shop for the first time, introducing new tutors to our roster, fundraisers, and much more this semester has been a full one. In the most recent news, the students of Olive Plants met their goal of selling $750 worth of doughnuts; this money will go towards a library and various resources for the co-op. donuts2There are a few frozen boxes leftover for $7; please contact Christy Holloway if you’re interested.

This year we have added multiple new tutors such as Jason Bennett, our high school worldview teacher, Cassi Wisener, who teaches state history, journalism and world geography. Also added are Joy Pemberton who teaches math to the greenhouse students, Elizabeth Hewett, ELA teacher for the greenhouse and Jessica Folds who also teaches for the greenhouse.

Unfortunately, we are also losing a tutor this semester. We are sad to say goodbye to our high school British literature teacher, Chloe Petrus. She will be moving to Kansas City in January with her husband, and dog.

shakespearesIn other news, Mrs. Dawn announced that she has an opening in her Shakespeare class for next semester, if you are interested, please email Mrs. Dawn for more information.

As for our OP Shop opening, it will still be open next semester, but they are in search of a new manager, as our old manager can no longer hold this position. Again, if interested, talk to Dawn Hays.

Lastly, as this semester draws to a close, remember that we have a lost and found in room 303. Make sure to check it before you leave for the year in case you have left anything.

Thank you for all of your hard work this semester, and we’ll see you next year!
OP Journalism.

Families and Health updates:

Olive Plants Family Health Updates:
Ben Hayes- Great news! While his recovery with the first leg was a slow process, but he was given the all clear to have his next surgery which is slated for December 20th! Please keep Mrs. Dawn, Ben, and the fam in your prayers as he will be recovering over the Christmas Break.scripture memory

Marcus Hewitt- Marcus is the son of Mrs. Elizabeth. He has an ongoing intestinal issue that has left him hospitalized a few times, including once this past month. Marcus and Elizabeth are waiting to see a specialist in the new year and will hopefully have more answers and plan to help heal Marcus!

Katie Blue- The Blue family is anxiously awaiting the arrival baby Blue Number 7! Mrs. Katie is due after the new year.

Hazel Cromer- Hazel’s dad underwent a procedure earlier in the month. Please continue to keep her and her family in prayer.

Tutor Spot Light: 

FB_IMG_1511815362065Thank you, Mrs. Chloe, for being a passionate teacher of literature and for making each class engaging and a fun atmosphere to learn in. We will never forget all of your valuable contributions and useful advice. We will miss you and your special teaching skills. As you leave our co-op, we wish you and your husband all the best and pray for God’s hand of protection and guidance over you as you pursue your dreams.

Greenhouse Updates: 

Our teachers have had a blast this month making learning fun for all ages. All about AAS2spelling used Bananagrams to practice spelling, and the K5 class had the opportunity to learn about and dress as their favorite Community Helper. The tutors also spiced up their lessons with puppets teaching in K5 and ELA classes. The geography 3- 5 class had the chance to create and present posters and projects to go along with their studies. Thanksgiving doesn’t only mean no school it also came with learning opportunities for our elementary students.

Elizabeth Hewitt taught her class with Thanksgiving Mad Libs, and we got to enjoy the Zebra class singing Thanksgiving songs taught to them by Mrs. Jessica thanksgiving pres 2folds. We are super proud to announce Kayde and Jonas for achieving super reader status! We are so glad our tutors can improve their students learning ability by making things a little more fun for everyone, and we are delighted to see our students working so hard!

Grove Updates: 

Mapping the World by Heart is an excellent curriculum that teaches students how to not only draw but also introduces unique features of each of the seven continent. By the end of this course, each child will be able to draw each continent in vivid detail from memory.

Arboretum Updates: 

Our high school classes have been working hard as well! Mrs. Janice’s Physical Science Class presented their science projects where they were given an element from the periodic chart and then recreate it with marshmallows or on a poster.

kimchi world geoMrs. Cassi’s World Geography class enjoyed trying Asian and European snacks. While the Asian snacks were met with mixed reviews, all agreed that European chocolates were delightful and tasty!

Mrs. Amy’s Algebra 2 class got ready for Thanksgiving by making turkey factors!math turkeys

Archery Update:

On December 2nd, Olive Plants Archers competed at a regional tournament hosted at Lafayette Christian School. Each archer shot a total of 30 arrows, 15 of which were shot 10 meters from the target, and 15 arrows were shot 15 meters away. The team consisted of 19 shooters, most of which have been shooting for a year or more. The team placed 2nd overall in the High School division with a cumulative score of 2878 points. Although 3000 are necessary to qualify for regionals, this is a very impressive score for a first-year team.

archery 3Kari, Bethany, and Rebekah Vanlarrhoven, all daughters of Coach V, shot the top three scores of them team and placed 4th, 5th, and 6th place respectively among all the female shooters with scores of 261, 259, and 255 respectively. Cade Parnell, who has been hunting since he was young, scored 250 points and placed 3rd in High School Boys and 1st among the 9th Grade Boys. Archer Ben Hays shot a score of 246, as opposed to 221 at a previous event, placing 4th among High School Boys and 1st among Senior Boys. Ben shoots with a bow that forces him to use his “blind eye” which skews both his view of the target and his ability to focus on one spot. Other impressive High School scores include Brian Johnson with 243, Sadie Bryan with 232, Jake Holloway with 232, and Javin Hutto with 220.

In the middle school division, Joshua Vanlaarhoven took home the silver in 5th-grade boys with a score of 228. Jonothan May, one of our newest shooters, shot just slightly lower with a score of 226. Lydia Vanlaarhoven scored 223, placing 1st in 4th-grade girls.

archery 2Olive Plants Archers continues to aim for Christ and to hit the mark as they continue to train and improve in the sport of archery. This is just the beginning for the team, and they can only improve from here.








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