A Farewell to Mrs. Chloe

Chle 1

To say that the Olive Plants Co-Op is going to miss our Mrs. Chloe is a gross understatement. Mrs. Chloe has played an integral part of our group for several years now. She was an exceptional student turned tutor. We are exceedingly grateful for all of her help, support, guidance, and cooperation she has shown over the last several years. She has been a ray of sunshine and always ready with outstanding advice and a strong desire to bring out the best in each and every student she has encountered.  FB_IMG_1511815219695

Thank you, Mrs. Chloe, for being a passionate teacher of literature and for making each class engaging and a fun atmosphere to learn in. We will never forget all of your valuable contributions and useful advice. We will miss you and your special teaching skills. As you leave our co-op, we wish you and your husband all the best and pray for God’s hand of protection and guidance over you as you pursue your dreams. 

While still in high school Mrs. Chloe began her teaching career as an intern for Mrs. Dawn in 2015. After graduating high school she went straight into online courses at Thomas Edison State University. She has been homeschooled her entire life along with her four other siblings.

FB_IMG_1511815174396She began to get to know her now husband, Sam, in 2013, knowing his family long before. They dated for a couple of years and got married last school year, September 2, 2016. They adopted a fluffy senior Saint Bernard named Marly, who is 8 years old. Chloe enjoys British literature, yoga, Crossfit with her mom (according to Chloe, her mother is a much better crossfitter than she is) and coffee which should not surprise you.


FB_IMG_1511815098630On January 2, 2018, she will be moving to Kansas City for her husband’s job. While there she plans to further expand her photography business, Chloe Virginia Photography, and begin a part-time job at a coffee shop. She has been a wonderful teacher and a joy to everyone around her.

A Special Note From Harlee Sims:

I met Chloe when she was an intern in one of Mrs. Dawn’s English classes, she was incredibly helpful and kept everyone laughing the whole class. Fast forward to this year, Chloe is my British literature teacher and I love her so much! She uses a humorous and memorable teaching method which helps me to soak up the content we learn. While reading our first book of the semester, Beowulf, Katie Belle and I decided to summarize the book in redneck/slang terms. One of our projects was to make an event chart of the main events in the story, we did our entire project in our red-slang language, and Chloe let us. I can tell you all of the important points in Beowulf because of her letting us use our imaginations to learn. She recently agreed to give us extra credit if we made a movie highlighting the main points of Tale of Two Cities with our typical method. So, Katie Belle, Cate and I will start the filming for that soon, and hopefully, she will appreciate it just as much as she appreciated the Harry Styles music video we made her watch in class. Thank you for your time, Chloe. I have loved getting to know you and learning from you. I will miss you but I hope you have an amazing time on your new adventure!

(p.s. Aren’t you thankful that this isn’t the abandonment paper that I told you it would be? )

A Special Memory From Mrs. Dawn:

I have known Chloe since she was a little girl, and my favorite Chloe story is the first time I visited the Petrus house. She and Olivia dressed Ben up like a prince, and the outcome was…well, hysterical. She stole my heart that day and has been an important part of my life ever since. She filled my classroom with joy and laughter. Toward the end of that year, I knew I needed an assistant to help me in my tutoring responsibilities for the next year. The Lord impressed upon me that Chloe would be the perfect young woman for the job. As always, He was right. I am so thankful she accepted, interned with me during her college years, and has grown to be a worthy colleague. I will always see a precious 8-year-old, bounding down the stairs with excitement to present “Prince Ben” when I look at her. Yet I also recognize that she has become a wonderful, godly, “Tutor-ific” woman whom I am so proud of and will miss dearly.


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