The Golden Donut Fundraiser and Some Interesting Trivia


golden donut

Have you ever found yourself in a heated debate about Pepsi vs. Coke, milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate, pancakes vs. waffles? After a brief survey, we have found that the Cake vs. Yeast doughnuts is a very passionate topic as well. So whats the difference between a cake doughnut and a yeast doughnut? While cake doughnuts carry the characteristics of cake by being much denser and is leavened with baking powder, yeast doughnuts have a much fluffier and lighter interior and are probably the first thing you think of when you hear doughnut. Yeast doughnuts must rise before frying and can be frosted, glazed, sprinkled, and filled. Cake doughnuts have a firm, slightly crunchy exterior, and a dense interior just like, you guessed it, cake. Unlike yeast, cake doughnuts can be flavored and topped with heavier treats like nuts, cereals, and bacon. So, what is your favorite?

donuts4The doughnut we know and love today was created by 16-year-old Hanson Gregory in 1847, aboard a lime-trading ship. Until this time, doughnuts were molded into random shapes or just plain circles. He supposedly said that he did not like the greasiness of the twisted doughnuts or the rawness in the center of the circle doughnuts. Since that time there have been many forms of doughnuts. Balushahi from India, which resembles the American cake doughnut, potato donuts from Indonesia, bamiyeh from Iran and sufganiyah, a jelly doughnut from Israel. These are just a few variations devoured around the world, but can any compare to Golden Donut’s simple glazed doughnut? That’s for you to decide.

As you may have noticed there are two different spellings for the word “Doughnut,” or is it “Donut”? Which is correct? The short answer is: They are both spelled correctly. The original spelling of the word is “doughnut,” but as is typical with American English, we get lazy. Somewhere in the 19th century, someone shortened it, and it just became an acceptable spelling. However, it wasn’t until Dunkin Donuts became a national chain that the spelling “donut” became a more conventional usage of this word. donuts 3

Now that you know there are two types of doughnut and two acceptable spellings of this word, cake vs. yeast, and doughnut, vs. donut wouldn’t you like to know which type of doughnut the Golden Donut is? Well, it falls under the yeast category. A Golden Doughnut is one with a fluffy texture and the thin, soft, golden-fried outer crust. Compared to a cake doughnut, the yeast tends to have an airier texture, which is a result from the flours and starches that are mixed in. The Golden Doughnut is a locally owned service in Columbus, GA, and surrounding areas.

This year, Olive Plants Co-op will be holding a fundraiser selling these fantastic donuts. One dozen donuts sell for $7, and individual donuts will be available for sale on November 20th, which is also donut delivery day.

donut 2All co-op students are encouraged to sell donuts to raise money for the co-op’s ever-growing self-sustained library. If a total of $750 profits is made, all tutors and staff will dress in costume on December 4th in something Christmassy (think Santa and his Elves). If a grand total of $1000 is raised in profits, the entirety of the student council will dress as reindeer for the entirety of December 4th. The person who sells the most donuts, regardless of amount, will have the opportunity to single-handedly elect the tutor who must wear the bacon costume on December 4th. All sales numbers and payments must be submitted to Mrs. Christy Holloway on November 13th. Donut delivery day will be November 20th at Rosemont Baptist Church.


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