Mapping the World By Heart: North America Display

mapping world

1016171139Monday at the Olive Plants Co-op the World Mapping Class, a 7th and 8th-grade geography course taught by Mrs. Mary Fields, met at lunch to present their recent studies on North America.

The assembly of middle schoolers introduced many favorite snacks for each country and clay projects of their own making. The snacks included were Kit-Kats, and Swedish Fish represented Canadian favorites. M&M’s were Americas lackluster option. Mexico came in with a bang with Acoiris, a strawberry cracker topped with pink and white marshmallows and coconut shavings, Emperador, a lime sandwich cookie, and everyone’s favorite, Takis.

1016171141aAs for their projects, there was an array of creations by all students. Ally Skipworth, 7th grade, made a model of North America, a posterboard project of Canada by Garrett Cromer, and a drawing of North America portrayed through flags by Paul Batastini.


We interviewed Ally Skipworth and Anna Kate Bakarich who both agreed that they “loved learning about different cultures, even though they are not far away!”


1016171230aMapping the World by Heart is an excellent curriculum that teaches students how to not only draw but also introduces unique features of each of the seven continent. By the end of this course, each child will be able to draw each continent in vivid detail from memory.

The students and Mrs. Mary show great enthusiasm for this class, and we enjoyed learning about some unique aspect of the North American continent. We look forward to seeing more from the Mapping the World by Heart class! For more information regarding this curriculum, please feel free to contact Mrs. Mary Fields.


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