Gas Station Restaurant Review: Granger’s Hot Wings


Granger’s Hot Wings, located at 2911 Hamilton Road in LaGrange, GA, is much more than meets the eye. Though the establishment’s focus may be chicken wings, the menu is far more expansive than it may seem. Granger’s offers a wide selection of classic and quality southern food including fried chicken, hamburgers, and barbeque sandwiches.

 To be20170928_131318~2gin, one must discuss the chicken. The Fried Chicken sandwich is enormous and contains everything you would want on a chicken sandwich. Crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and numerous sauces encompass a cooked-to-order chicken patty that is at least an inch thick! Each bite is filled with simple, yet exquisite, flavors that may surprise many. Each sandwich is served hot and fresh with the side of your choice (more on that later). The chicken is very tender throughout and juice splatters with every bite. If you have a hankering for a chicken sandwich but don’t like eating fast food, this sandwich may very well be for you!

Chicken is not the only item on the menu, however. Granger’s hamburger and double hamburger, known as the Big Nasty, is chargrilled to perfection and is ordered, cooked, and served within 15 minutes! The sandwich features many of the same toppings as the fried chicken sandwich, but in slightly larger portions.20170928_131438~2

When asked, Dawn Hays said, “The Granger Burger is, an amazing burger that blows all other hamburgers in LaGrange out of the water. Just ask for less sauce if you don’t want a mess to clean up.”

To round out the All-American sandwich trio, Granger’s offers their own unique twist on a barbeque sandwich. This barbeque, as well as their brisket, are slow-cooked for 15 hours. The meat itself is sweet like honey, slightly spicy, and well-rounded enough to please any carnivore’s taste buds. This sandwich is topped with a cooling, calm Cole-slaw which is freshly made on site every day.


Michael Hays, a native Memphian, calls this sandwich “the best barbeque in town and easily the second-best barbeque I’ve had in my life. That’s saying something seeing as how I’m from Memphis!”



Not interested in french fries? Not to worry! Granger’s offers many alternative side options. Personal favorites include the fried okra and fried pickles, though the French fries are amazing. The fried okra is lightly salted to add flavor to already soft and flavorful okra. The fried pickles are served with two ranch dipping sauces, but seriously, the fried pickles don’t need it. The $3 (or $1 if replacing fries) bucket of pickles is filled to the brim with delicious, sweet pickles deep fried that morning!20170928_131305~2

Service at Granger’s is fast, efficient, and friendly. The exact time between ordering my food and receiving it was 15 minutes. Some “fast” food restaurants are slower than that! The restaurant plays Christian music in the store and is decorated with 80’s memorabilia and bible verses lining the walls. Unfortunately, Granger’s does not offer very many, if any, alternative food options for vegetarians or gluten-free diners. However, if one is searching for a local, fresh, fast place to eat fried southern food, then Granger’s Hot Wings is a near-perfect restaurant, and I highly recommend one dine at this wonderful establishment!


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