Olive Plants Co-Op Fundraiser

penny race image

On September 25th, 2017, Olive Plants Co-op will begin their first fundraiser for missionaries in Guatemala. The event will be a penny race that runs from September 25th to October 23rd.

The event participants will be divided into two teams, being a boys’ team and a girls’ team. Boys will be asked to put coins into a joy marked “Boys” to earn points for their team. The value of a coin will represent a number of points awarded to their team. For example, a penny would award one point, whereas a quarter would award 25 points.

However, if boys wish to sabotage the girl’s team, they may insert dollar bills and checks into the girl’s jar. One American dollar would reduce the girl’s score by 100 points; a 5-dollar bill would reduce the girl’s score by 500 points, and so on. Girls are asked to insert coins into their jar marked “Girls,” while also putting bills and checks into the boys’ jar to sabotage the boys’ team.

Donation rewards are offered to promote donations. If the boys’ team wins, Mrs. Amy Camp, the math tutor for the co-op, will be forced to wear a bacon costume and do a silly dance at lunchtime on October 30th, the week after the penny race ends. If the girls’ team wins, Mr. Jason Bennett, the co-op worldview, and social studies tutor will be required to wear an Incredible Hulk costume and perform the same dance routine at lunch. If $300 or more is raced over the course of the event, all Olive Plants Co-op tutors will be required to dress in costume and perform a dance at lunchtime on October 30th.

All funds raised from this event will be donated to local missionaries in Guatemala. A certain percent will be used to purchase children’s bibles translated into Spanish, while the majority will be given directly to the Rosemont missionaries, Meghan and Joe Frye.

This fundraiser is expected to end this coming Monday, October 23rd. To date, the kids have raised a combined $47.65.

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